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(Limited Time) YAMAHA P125 (Chinese Ver.) Digital Piano

(Limited Time) YAMAHA P125 (Chinese Ver.) Digital Piano

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Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano

✅ 88-key Progressive Hammer Standard Keyboard (GHS), feel comparable to traditional pianos
✅ The piano sound is sampled from Yamaha's top-quality CFIIS 9' grand piano, and the sound is natural enough
✅ New two-way speaker system that produces a wide range of piano sounds from both up and down directions
✅ The unique table EQ function allows you to get the best sound when playing on a hard surface
✅ Built-in Bass & Drum rhythm style, so much fun to practice


Yamaha released a new model of the P series: the P-125 electric piano. The new P-125 is similar in appearance to the P-115 but differs in many details, raised panels, different speaker grille designs, etc.

Jazz Organ Jazz Organ Voice Audition: 
Rock Organ rock organ sound audition: 

The new P-125 still uses the PUER CF sound engine, presets 24 kinds of high-quality tones including YAMAHA CFIIIS nine-foot piano samples, and the GHS weighted keyboard with matte black key surface;

In addition to the metronome, the built-in drum rhythm pattern has been increased to 20, covering pop, rock, Latin, jazz, etc.; the newly improved two-way speaker adds an EQ setting specially designed to fit on the desktop to ensure When the host is placed on the desktop, it also obtains good sound effects

After waiting for a long time, YAMAHA finally revised its P series,

Inherited the old version of P115, the current model of the new version is P125

It is still a lightweight portable electric piano, without a cover, a plastic body,

With the halo of the YAMAHA brand, I believe that the low-priced market after the listing can still maintain a strong advantage.

Function and Mobility

The P-125 is actually positioned as a stage electric piano, with multiple functions and a portable appearance, but YAMAHA also emphasizes that the P125 provides the playing experience of a traditional piano, with high dynamics, high-quality sound and natural piano touch.

String sound and piano sound playing audition:

Several other tones are the same as P105, and the following is the audition: Harpsichord harpsichord tone audition:

The Smart Pianist APP is supported, and functions can be operated through smart tablet devices; this time, Yamaha designed a new piano-style three-pedal for the new P125, which makes the appearance of the P125 with three-pedal installed more elegant and generous. The new P-125 is available in black and white.

Pipe Organ sound audition: 
Vibraphone Vibraphone Voice Audition:  
Wood Bass sound audition:  

modern classic

The P-125 was designed with ease of operation in mind. The intuitive user interface makes various operations easier. Each design helps you focus on what really matters: your playing.

Stage E.Piano sound and rhythm playing audition: 

Grand Piano sound with rhythm playing audition: 

Yamaha's piano quality

The P-125 delivers incredible dynamic performance.

Pure CF sound engine, sampled from the sound of Yamaha CFIIIS performance-grade grand pianos. This is the result of over a century of piano craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

In addition, the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) has 88 piano keys, which provide a heavier touch in the bass and airy highs, allowing you to play like a traditional piano.


The newly improved two-way speaker system provides both up and down directions to produce a broad piano tone. Gives you a rich stereo sound like you're sitting on a traditional piano.

Through the Smart Pianist APP, you can use your smart device to operate many functions of the Yamaha digital piano. You can select tones, rhythms and other settings from your phone or tablet for quick and easy adjustments.

You can also use the Chord Tracker feature to learn how to play the chords of your favorite songs. Chord Tracker analyzes songs in your music library on your iPhone or iPad and displays chord names for you to play! Enjoy the smart features of the P125 – a modern digital piano.

P-125 has Bass and Drum rhythms, you can choose a variety of different styles, with different rhythm patterns. From rock to folk, spice up your playing with these beats, or make them part of your band.

The new "Table EQ" feature lets you enjoy the best possible sound, so even if you're playing on a hard, flat tabletop, you'll get the best possible sound.


Detailed performance parameters of YAMAHA P-125 electric piano:

Keyboard: 88-key GHS keyboard with matte black keys Velocity Curve: Heavy, Normal, Light, Fixed Velocity Panel: English Sound Source: Pure CF Sound Source Preset Voices: 24 Maximum Polyphony: 192
Reverb: 4 types
iAC: With Sound Boost: With Damper Reverb: With Voice Overlay: With Keyboard Split: With Piano Duet: With Demo Songs: 21 Voice Demo Songs + 50 Piano Songs Recording: 2 Tracks, Up to 1 Song Recording Capacity: 100KB (about 11000 notes)
Song recording format: SMF0
Song playback format: SMF0,1
Metronome: Yes Tempo: 5 - 280
Transpose: Yes, -6 to +6
Tuning: 414.8 - 440.0 - 446.8Hz
Preset drum rhythm pattern: 20 kinds of automatic shutdown function: yes , USB to HOST interface speaker: 12cm x 2 + 4cm x 2
Speaker power: 7w x 2
Power consumption: 9W
Automatic Power Off: Yes Dimensions: 1326 x 166 x 295mm
Weight: 11.8Kg

What is the difference between the previous generation P115 and the current P125?

In terms of specs, take a look at the store manager's analysis below:

model P115 P125
color black and white black and white
keyboard cover
keyboard system GHS GHS
audio sample PureCF PureCF
Maximum number of voices 192 192
number of timbres 14 twenty four
Rhythm 14 20
demo song 14 twenty one
record/play 2 tracks and 1 song (11,000 notes) 2 tracks and 1 song (11,000 notes)
piano piece 50 50
link function Headphone jack x 2


USB to Host

Headphone jack x 2


USB to Host

La horn 12cm x 2

4cm x 2


(7W x 2)

12cm x 2

4cm x 2


(7W x 2)

ruler Inch W133xH16xD30 W133x H17 xD30
Heavy quantity 12Kg 11.8 Kg
pedal material plastic Metal

(If it is wrongly planted, it will be based on the Yamaha official website)

  1. Appearance improvements:
    The appearance of the new YAMAHA P-125 is obviously different from that of the P-115. The panel part of the main unit is higher than the keyboard part, and an arc is used between the two planes to design excessively, which is more piano-like in the senses. Feel; the design of the speaker grille is also different from the P115;

    2. Three-pedal lift:
    Another obvious difference of the new P-125 is the suspended piano three-pedal assembly. The pedal material has been changed from the previous plastic to metal. The appearance, texture, and experience have been greatly improved compared to the previous model.

    3. Piano tone enhancement:
    The P-125 is still the PURE CF sound source, but Yamaha has optimized the main piano samples.

    4. The number of built-in sounds has been increased:
    The P-115 has only 14 presets, while the P-125 has 24 presets.

    5. Increased number of built-in rhythms:
    The P-115 has 14 built-in rhythm patterns, just drum patterns, while the P-125 has 20 rhythm patterns, complete with bass.

    6. Improvement of the speaker system:
    It is also a 12cm + 4cm speaker with a power of 7w. Yamaha used a new tweeter on the P-125 to make the high frequency part of the sound better.

    7. Addition of other functions:
    The P-125 has added a sound experience optimization function, which allows users to get a more three-dimensional sound effect when wearing headphones. The P-125 supports the Smart Pianist APP with more functions (previously, the P-115 supported the Digital Piano Controller).

The above 7 points are all the improvements and differences between the P-125 and the previous generation product P-115, I hope you will have a clearer understanding. If P-125 is not unexpected, it should be introduced to Hong Kong this year. Blessed are all piano friends.


Looking at the spec sheet, nothing seems to have changed, does it?

Yes, it looks like it's just a number of new features.

The most important keyboard and sound source have not changed at all,

But this is also certain, because Yamaha's digital piano is too rich,

What kind of specifications should each level present, it has already been tied to death,

If there are too many low-level revisions and upgrades, it will impact the value of the next-level model.

But the main change this time, I think is the improvement of the speaker (horn) position, which provides a better sense of space,

The direction is changed to one up and one down, adding what YAMAHA said: "The new "Table EQ" function "

Let it be placed on the table to have the best sound experience.

In the past, desktop electric pianos usually do not have the horn below, because the sound will be muffled.

YAMAHA's new Table EQ should be confident that you can adjust the tone of this part.

The second important change is the pedal material, from plastic to metal. Provides better pedaling feeling (right)!?

YAMAHA has always focused on the series above CLP, (CLP, CSP, CVP)

The P125 can almost be said to be the most entry-level electric piano from YAMAHA.

How much will the improved speakers add to the performance of the whole piano?


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