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(2024 latest) YAMAHA PSR-E373 | 61-key electronic keyboard Chinese version with English panel

(2024 latest) YAMAHA PSR-E373 | 61-key electronic keyboard Chinese version with English panel

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  • No Paypal account is required, as long as you have a credit card, you can purchase online and get delivery the same day.

  • After receiving the goods that night, you can immediately open the APP to learn to play and try out basic popular piano skills such as chords.

  • It can be stored in dry electricity and buried after use. It only requires one action.

  • Learning piano is so simple .
  • The Chinese version is paired with an English version, making it bilingual. The system is in English.

    • The 61-key velocity-sensitive keyboard has diverse functions and the real music dynamics displayed by the velocity-sensitive touch keys make the PSR-E373 an entry-level choice for advanced players.

      • 48 touch-sensitive keyboard with maximum number of simultaneous sounds
      • 574 high-quality sounds made from better sound sampling technology
      • New reverb effect and master EQ (equalizer)
      • 165 automatic accompaniment styles
      • 150 different arpeggio types
      • "Key section teaching" combined with other teaching functions
      • Two player mode
      • Simple Song Book (music collection) available for free download
      • USB TO HOST can do two-way MIDI and audio transmission
      • AUX IN terminal and melody suppressor


    Touch sensing can show the most realistic music dynamics

    The harder you play, the louder the volume will be; or the softer you play, the volume will be quieter. The touch-sensitive keyboard will faithfully reflect every detail of your performance, making your performance more musically expressive.


      The better the sound quality of an instrument, the more inspiration it can inspire

      Yamaha has a proud history of manufacturing various musical instruments, and reproducing the sounds of these instruments on keyboards is detailed and high-quality.

      PSR-E363 has a library of 574 instrument sounds, allowing you to enjoy playing performances in various music types.

        001 Grand Piano

        007 Cool! Galaxy Electric Piano

        032 Dynamic Nylon Guitar

        070 Sweet! Tenor Sax

        095 Sweet! Flute

        107 Fargo

        Instant accompaniment background music

        165 automatic accompaniment styles provide real-time accompaniment background music, and the accompaniment will change according to the different chords you play.

          004 Happy8Beat

          006 ContemporaryRock

          041 EuroTrance

          082 BossaNova

          098 Salsa

          110 AfricanGospel


          "Key Section Tutorials" and other introductory courses to support you in learning to play

          "Key Pitch Teaching" is based on teaching techniques shared by Yamaha over the years. Through short step-by-step lessons, you'll learn how to play a complete piece of music.

          Helping you build foundations and skills, the new "Touch Learning" reveals the secrets of learning to express musical dynamics.

            Download sheet music for built-in songs

            Song Book not only includes the sheet music of the built-in songs, but also provides practice tips and lively and interesting graphic explanations for various required playing techniques.


            Adjust your sound with digital effects and master equalizer

            12 new reverb effects add ambience to your performance, making it sound like you're in a concert hall, small club or cathedral. The chorus effect makes the sound warmer and wider. With the easy-to-use master equalizer, you get the best sound whether you're using headphones, built-in speakers, or connected to an external sound system.

              Reverb (Hall3) OFF

              Reverb (Hall3) ON

              Reverb (Cathedral) OFF

              Reverb (Cathedral) ON

              Arpeggio function lets you perform complex phrases with ease

              Choose from 150 arpeggio types. Then just press a single key and rich phrases will automatically play, making you sound like a pro!

                Play with good friends

                Duo mode allows two people to play two parts of the same timbre and interval at the same time.

                Share the fun of four-hand bombing with good friends and family!


                  Play along with your favorite music

                  Connect your portable music player and play your favorite music through the instrument's built-in speakers. Play along and it's like joining an orchestra!

                    Connect your mobile device or computer

                    The USB TO HOST terminal jack allows you to connect to a computer or portable device and record high-quality audio without the need for additional interfaces. There are also various creative and educational iOS applications available for download in the App Store.

                    *For the connection of iOS devices, please refer to the "iPhone/iPad Connection Manual"

                    size Width 945 mm (37-3/16”)
                    high 118 mm (4-5/8”)
                    deep 368 mm (14-1/2”)
                    weight weight 4.6 kg (10 lb, 2 oz) (without batteries)
                    keyboard Number of keys 61
                    touch sensing have
                    picture type LCD display screen
                    type have
                    language English
                    control Panel language English
                    sound source Sound source sampling technology AWM stereo sampling
                    Number of utterances Maximum number of simultaneous sounds 48
                    default Number of timbres 574 types (197 panel sounds + 18 drum/SFX kits + 20 arpeggios + 339XGlite sounds)
                    Compatible format GM GM/XGlite
                    type echo 12 types
                    chorus 5 types
                    main equalizer 6 types
                    chorus 26 types
                    Function Dual have
                    split tone have
                    Panel sustain have
                    Arpeggio 150 types
                    melody suppressor have
                    default Number of built-in accompaniment styles 165
                    fingering Various fingering methods
                    Accompaniment style control Automatic accompaniment on/off, sync start, start/stop, intro/outro/slow down, lead/auto fill-in
                    Other features music library 158
                    One-touch setup (OTS) have
                    External Styles 10
                    default Number of built-in songs 154 (including touch teaching: 10, chord learning: 12, chord progression: 30)
                    recording Number of pieces 5
                    Number of recording tracks 2
                    Data capacity Approximately 10,000 notes
                    Compatible data formats play SMF format 0 & 1
                    recording Original file format
                    register Number of keys 9
                    Courses/Guidance Courses/Guidance Key section teaching, lessons 1–3 (listening, synchronization, waiting), section repetition, AB repetition, chord dictionary, touch teaching, chord learning, chord progression
                    Overall control metronome have
                    rhythm range 11-280
                    transposition -12 to 0, 0 to +12
                    tuning 427.0–440.0–453.0 Hz (approximately 0.2Hz increments)
                    Overbite have
                    other piano keys Yes (portable grand piano button)
                    store built-in memory About 1.3MB
                    Connect DC input 12 V
                    earphone Standard stereo headphone jack (PHONES/OUTPUT)
                    Auxiliary pedal have
                    AUX IN mini stereo jack
                    USB TO HOST 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo
                    amplifier 2.5W + 2.5W
                    speaker 12 cm × 2
                    Power consumption 5 W (using PA3TB power transformer)
                    Automatic shut-down have
                    Power supply Adapters PA3TB or equivalent equipment recommended by Yamaha
                    Batteries 6 1.5V “AA” alkaline (LR6), alkaline manganese (R6); or 6 1.2V “AA” NiMH rechargeable batteries (HR6)
                    Original accessories Music stand (may not be available for purchase depending on location) have

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