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Yamaha PSR-EW410 76-Key Electronic Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-EW410 76-Key Electronic Keyboard

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Do you think that in order to become a professional musician and enjoy music creation, you must have superb performance skills or expertise?

The new PSR-EW410 will completely subvert your ideas!

With it, you just need a little inspiration to turn great ideas into music!

Quick Sampling – Unlock Unlimited Potential

Use the AUX Input to catch sounds and play them on the keyboard. Via the AUX-In terminal, you can play your favorite externally sampled sounds with the easy-to-use Quick Sampling function.

You can quickly capture external audio sources and assign sample sounds to the keyboard.

3 types of sample sounds can be played as part of your performance.

Normal: The pitch of the sound varies depending on the key you play.

Loop: The sample sound will play in a loop with no pitch changes.

One-shot: The sample sound will be played only once with no pitch change.

Groove Creator – play music like a DJ

You can use your keyboard like a DJ to perform the latest genres of music – tease beats, shape patterns, and tweak mixes to heat up the party dance floor!

You can switch tracks, adjust passages, or add various effects via the live control knobs to easily create your own "patterns".

In addition to the hottest Western Electronic Dance Music sounds, Groove Creator also supports contemporary dance music from around the world.

When you've created your coolest single, save it as an audio file to a USB device.

PSR-EW410 Special Features

・76-key keyboard

・12W + 12W powerful amplifier

・Resonant Live! Performance Grand Piano Voices

・L/R signal output


Better instrument sounds, more inspiration

Yamaha has a proud and rich history accumulated in the experience of making various instruments, so the technology is both meticulous and of the highest quality in reproducing the original natural sound of the instrument.

The PSR-E410 features an extensive music library of 758 instrument sounds, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of music genres.

001 Live! Grand Piano

020 Cool! Rotor Organ

042 Classic Guitar

109 Sweet! Trumpet

143 Gemini

185 Fantasia

Instant accompaniment orchestra tracks

235 auto accompaniment types, including 10 new local accompaniment types inherited from Genos and 5 modern accompaniment types, providing instant orchestral accompaniment tracks based on the chords you play.

007 SweetPop

035 EpicDivaBallad

047 SkyPop

129 BrazilianBossa

138 CumbiaColombiana

176 HighLife2


Memory-specific settings

The panel setting memory function allows you to store 4 x 8 panel settings to provide instant switching settings.

Intuitive "Live Control Knob" interface

Switch effect settings to quickly change the sound!

Two assignable on-the-fly control knobs let you filter and shape the sound like an analog synth player.

Ten DSP effects can be assigned and controlled via knobs to create more dynamic and expressive live performances.

The pitch pulley adjusts the pitch of the sound and breathes life into sounds like guitar, saxophone and trumpet.

The "Target" button supports fast target switching for effect settings.

More convenient USB TO DEVICE terminal

You can record your performance and save it to a USB flash drive. The USB TO DEVICE terminal on the instrument allows you to download and save setups and songs to a USB stick, and transfer files to your computer.


Connect a portable device or computer for more fun

The PSR-EW410 features audio file transfer via the USB TO HOST terminal*, allowing you to record and store your performances to a computer or smart device.

Connect to your iOS device and use apps to add room for MIDI control.

Connect an external audio player to the AUX IN jack and you can play along with your favorite temperament. The built-in advanced Melody Suppressor reduces the volume of vocals and the melody line of the original recording, leaving that part for you to play or sing freely**.

*For iOS device connection, please refer to "iPhone / iPad Connection Manual"

**According to the song file, the volume of the melody part may not be affected

Boost the bass from your keyboard

Connect the separately sold subwoofer KS-SW100 to enjoy powerful sound without using a PA system.

The PSR-EW410 is a 76-key keyboard for playing a variety of music types from retro classics to the latest. It is equipped with high-definition sampling piano sounds, powerful built-in speakers, and more easy-to-use professional functions, such as: assignable live Control knob, Quick Sampling (quick sampling), Groove Creator (sound pattern creator) and USB Audio Recorder (USB audio recorder) and so on.

  • 758 high-quality tones, including Sweet! and Cool! tones, and a maximum of 48 voices
  • Quick Sampling – 5 samples (1 Normal type + 4 One shot/Loop types) and up to 9.6 seconds per sample
  • Groove Creator – 35 Patterns, 5 Sections (4 Main Sections + 1 Musical Climax)
  • 235 Auto Accompaniment Types
  • USB Audio Recorder - 80 minutes. (.wav)
  • 12W + 12W Amplifier and 12cm Bass Reflex Speaker
  • Assignable instant control knobs, DSP effects and pitch wheel
  • Audio and MIDI files can be linked
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