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YAMAHA YAS-280 Alto Shi Feng

YAMAHA YAS-280 Alto Shi Feng

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Lightweight, designed for beginners
The YAS/YTS-280 saxophone can give beginners the most perfect start, because the designers originally designed for beginners. Relatively lightweight and ergonomic
Shape, this instrument is easy to hold and easy to play. Perfect intonation, just like any other Yamaha instrument, it's easy to play the perfect tone. Yamaha
It is designed to give maximum assistance to beginners, so it can be of great help to them in terms of learning process or creativity. Based on the popular YAS/YTS-275 on the market, the new YAS/YTS-280 features a new, improved, and more stable neck insertion tube with a new lowB-C# connection, making it easier for you to make adjustments.


Upgraded neck tube fixation design

The improved neck tube joint and fixed design has better durability and reduces bolt damage. The bolt has an isolated design, which is ergonomic.

LOW BC# key design leap forward

The length of the key arm is improved to make the leather pad more closely with the sound hole and reduce the occurrence of air leakage.

Adjustable thumb rest

Adjustable thumb rest for a more comfortable instrument grip for violinists.



main body Condition Gold paint

control interface

button auxiliary key Treble F# , Front F

control interface

button Key material polyester

Design/Infrastructure Details

Spindle screw Tapered nylon with nut
finger hook adjustable


tonality Eb


Accessories Mouthpiece AS-4C
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