Yamaha yas-280


HK$8,680.00  HK$9,800.00

Lightweight, designed for beginners
Yas / YTS – 280 Saxophone wind power is the perfect start for beginners, because the designers originally designed for beginners. It is relatively lightweight and ergonomic
Shape, this instrument is easy to hold and play. Perfect pitch, just like other Yamaha instruments, can easily play the perfect timbre. Yamaha
The new Yas / YTS – 280 has a new, improved and more stable neck insertion tube and a new LowB – C connection, which makes it easier for you to make adjustments.



Upgrade the neck tube fixation design



The improved neck tube joint fixation design has better durability in appearance design and reduces the damage of bolts. The bolts are designed with isolation, which is in line with ergonomics.

Great leap forward of low B-C key design

Improve the length design of key arm to make the leather pad more close to the sound hole and reduce the occurrence of air leakage.

Adjustable thumb base


The adjustable thumb base is a more comfortable way for violists to hold the instrument.



Color / fineness

subject condition Golden lacquer

Control interface

Key Auxiliary key Treble f #, front f

Control interface

Key Key material polyester

Design / infrastructure details

Spindle screw Tapered nylon with nut
Finger hook tunable


tonality Eb


parts Blowing mouth AS-4C

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