Made in Japan YAMAHA YAS-62 Alto Saxophone


HK$16,980.00  HK$18,880.00


New Model 62 neck tube

The neck tube of the exclusive Saxophone 62 series has a fast response, and the diameter of the tube is adjusted to make it easier for the player to play.
Unlike the bright and direct sound in the past, the new neck tube design concept is based on warm sound.

One-piece design button base

The one-piece button base is more stable and the music is deeper.

Yangshengkou hand-carved

Fine hand-carved, more perfect pinnacle

Improved LowB-C# connection design

Improved the key arm length design to make the leather pad and the sound hole more closely, reducing the occurrence of air leakage.

Professional neck tube fixation design

Professional-grade neck tube fixed design, neck tube and tube body are more stable, and the sound is more vigorous.

Blue steel needle

Using blue steel needle, the button is more stable and the response is more direct

Musical instrument box

The ody back/side back dual-purpose outer box design.
It is lighter to carry.


Control interface

button Auxiliary key High pitch F#, front F

Control interface

button Button material Polyester button

Design/infrastructure details

Speak loudly Speaker decoration Hand-carved
Finger hook Adjustable thumb seat


Tonal Eb


Accessories Mouthpiece AS4C


Original accessories Outer box ASC-600E

Dr. Eugene Rousseau-Advantages of New 62 Saxophones

Dave Koz with Yamaha saxophones

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