Discontinued YAMAHA YDP-143 digital piano


HK$7,988.00  HK$9,980.00

This model has been discontinued, the latest model is as per me

YAMAHA YDP143 R Rosewood

YAMAHA YDP143 B Black Black


Full Set with Piano Bench with Yamaha original piano chair and piano book


Digital piano with real piano texture

 Keyboard type GH (graded counterweight) keyboard with synthetic ivory keys

Number of keyboards 88


Number of tones 10

Maximum number of pronunciations 128

Stereo sampling piano is

Delay/Key-off/Resonance sampling-

Dual tone is

Tone division –

Effect reverb

Chorus (chorus) –



Number of built-in rhythm patterns –


Automatic accompaniment –

Function one-touch setting-

Built-in music database –

Teaching components –

Performance Assistant –

Pitch bend wheel –

Registration memory –

Number of recordings 1

Audio track 2

Interface headphone jack 2


USB to host

USB to device –

Microphone input –

Video output –

RGB output –

Amplifier output 20WX2

Size width 1357

Deep 422

High 845 (without music rest)

Weight 42 KG

As your performance level improves, you may need a digital piano that is more suitable for you as a practice piano. YDP-143 is just such a product you need. The GH keyboard with imitated ivory surface, the hand feeling that can only be experienced on antique pianos, can be fully felt on this YDP-143. If your ultimate goal is a pianist, this digital piano equipped with the top Yamaha concert grand piano CFIIIS sound is definitely your best choice.

The top Yamaha quality piano sounds are sampled from Yamaha's top concert grand piano CFIIIS, and the dynamic level is as rich as possible, with various dynamics ranging from extremely strong to extremely weak, and the subtleties can be seen.

New body height

Compared with the previous ARIUS series, YDP-143 has a change in the height of the piano body (including the piano stand). The heightened piano body size allows the piano case to transmit a lower piano sound, which improves the playing experience.

Intelligent acoustic optimization

The intelligent acoustic optimization system is the latest original creation, which affects sound transmission through changes in the physical structure. At the same time, through the innovation of internal digital technology, it can still obtain clear and true sound expression at extremely low volume.

Record your own performance

Built-in two-track recording function, you can record your playing very well. Through the left and right hand split-track recording, you can better practice performance. At the same time, you can adjust the speed for recording, so that the speed of the song is more suitable for your performance.

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