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Discontinued Yamaha YDP-162 Digital Piano

Discontinued Yamaha YDP-162 Digital Piano

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This model has been discontinued, the latest model press me

Typical piano tones and touches

Suitable for beginners as well as advanced players. The all-new graded ivory-like keyboard actually reflects the weight of the keys on a grand piano. In addition, the ivory coating on the surface of the keys provides breathable holes to experience the touch response of Yamaha's traditional high-end pianos. The breathable holes can absorb the moisture of the fingers, allowing the player to play more freely.

Yamaha's premium piano quality

PureCF Tone Sampling technology samples the most detailed and engaging tones from Yamaha's acclaimed performance grand pianos. These sample records contain several dynamic stages from the weakest to the most magnificent. You can experience soft passages through soft strumming, or simply experience strong dynamics through chords with both hands.

taller body height

The YDP162 has a taller body height than other ARIUS series. This not only makes the YDP-162 look more like an upright piano, but also provides a more realistic sound of traditional piano resonance.

Optimal tonal balance at any volume

The Acoustic Optimization System is a new and exclusively developed technology by Yamaha. Adjust the flow of sound waves to control resonance and enrich the overall sound through the specific design and placement of the optimizer in the instrument. The combination of an acoustically optimized system and digital technology creates a highly expressive effect.

record your performance

The built-in 2-track recording function lets you record your performance and then play it back to review your practice progress. You can also record separate practice situations for your left and right hands at a playing speed you feel comfortable with, so you can play one part through the player while practicing the other part with one hand.

Discover new combination inspiration

Combine piano and string sounds to create different new inspirations for playing. Practicing piano pieces with different instrument sounds can make your practice more dynamic, and combining two sounds can take your creativity to the next level.

better performance

Provides enough maximum vocalizations that you won't miss a note when you're overlapping two voices, playing with both hands at the same time, or pressing the pedal to lengthen a chord. This allows the instrument to keep up with you in no time, even when playing more difficult and complex pieces.

Have your own practice repertoire

Provides built-in 50 classical piano pieces, and comes with a "50 Greats for the Piano" sheet music. Not only can you practice these tunes at your own pace, with one hand or at a slower pace. You can also enjoy these compositions as background music only.

Powerful sound effects

The YDP162 is equipped with a 20 W amplifier, and the sound volume is sufficient for a large room in an average family. It's louder than you'd expect from other digital pianos of its size.

Convenient connection function

Easily connect to various teaching, music creation and other functions on the computer. Use these features to learn or share your music. The MusicSoft Manager application can store songs recorded in the built-in memory, or add songs obtained elsewhere to the instrument.

size and weight

size width 1,357mm
high 845mm
deep 422m
weight weight 42kg

control panel

keyboard number of keys 88

control device

keyboard type GH Gradient Imitation Ivory Keyboard

control panel

keyboard touch sensitivity Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
pedal Number of pedals 3
Half-press the effect pedal have
Features Sustain, Specific Sustain, Soft
control panel language English


keyboard cover keyboard cover style Slider
Music Stand have


Audio Sampling Technology piano tone Pure CF Sound Engine
number of voices Maximum number of simultaneous voices 128
built-in number of timbres 10


type reverberation have


Types Damper Resonance have
Intelligent Acoustic Control have


preset Number of built-in songs 10 demo songs, 50 piano songs
recording number of songs 1
Number of recording tracks 2
Compatible data formats play Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0&1
recording Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0


other projects Dual/Layers have


Miscellaneous Duo have
Metronome have
speed range 5 - 280
transposition -6 ~ 0, 0 ~ +6
fine-tuning have

save and connect

store built-in memory User Songs: One song about 100 KB, Songs downloaded from a computer: Up to 10 songs; Maximum capacity of about 900KB
connect headphone jack x 2

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifier 20W x 2
speaker Oval (12cm x 6cm) x 2

Amplifiers and Speakers

Acoustic Optimizer have

power supply

electricity supply Transformer: PA-300 or equivalent recommended by Yamaha

power supply

power consumption 13W (when using PA-300)
Automatic shut-down have


Included accessories sheet music 50 Greats for the Piano
Optional accessories Others (depending on the location, may not be available for purchase) Instruction Manual, Quick Operation Guide
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