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Discontinued Yamaha YDP-S52 Digital Piano

Discontinued Yamaha YDP-S52 Digital Piano

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Decorate your living room, every corner of your life with music

The YDP-S52 offers minimalist and distinctive black and white shades, the wood-like furniture treatment and interior decoration perfectly match, and the sound is like a traditional piano. With the YDP-S52, satisfy the desire of musicians to play in every corner of the home.

Inheriting the stylish and elegant thin series of ARIUS

The design concept is derived from the YDP-S52 of the upright piano, giving you visual and ergonomic functionality and enjoyment. The most important thing for the player is the position of the music rest and the pedals, which reflect a comfortable playing position. In addition, it is also equipped with a slow-down mechanism of the lid that is only found on many high-end traditional pianos.

Recreate the tension and power of Yamaha's top grand pianos

PureCF tone generator sampling technology samples the most detailed and moving sounds from Yamaha's acclaimed performance grand piano, the CFIII. It recreates the authentic performance experience of playing a traditional piano, with rich and natural reverberation, several dynamic stages from the weakest to the most magnificent.

YDP-S52 adopts the latest "RGE standard sound source II". This highly rated RGE tone generator samples real instruments and reproduces the sounds like real instruments.

At the same time, the maximum number of voices of YDP-S52 has evolved to 192, so that players can play songs that frequently use the pedals and multi-notes, allowing you to reproduce the playing experience like an acoustic instrument without hindrance.

Advanced GH gradient keyboard with imitation ivory material

In addition to inheriting the Yamaha GH gradient keyboard system (see the note below for details), the YDP-S52 is equipped with an imitation ivory keyboard to reproduce the playing and tactile feel of a traditional piano. Slippery hands caused by sweating for a long time, maintaining the ideal touch feeling.

Note: GH gradient keyboard system: the bass region will reflect a heavier keyboard touch, while the treble region will reflect a lighter touch

Pedals with precise control

The YDP-S52 comes with solid metal silver-plated pedals. Its Half Damper function and Damper Resonance function provide players with real piano-like control and subtle differences in sound performance.

Introduction to the principle of half pedaling

Reverb system that simulates a variety of performance spaces

The professional reverb effect of the YDP-S52 reproduces the reverberation effect of the natural reverberation of large concert halls and other spaces.
You can also enjoy at home a concert experience like a concert hall, live performances like a jazz bar.
Recital hall
The clean reverb effect sounds like you're playing a piano in a medium-sized concert hall.

Concert hall
Bright and charming reverberation, like listening to a symphony in a large performance hall.

Chamber music (eg church/opera) (Chamber)
It is suitable for the performance of chamber music and reproduces the effect of classical music played in the palace.

Vivid reverb effects like listening to live performances in a jazz bar.

Various convenient functions designed for teaching and daily practice

- Duet Duo Mode This function mode allows you to divide the keyboard into two parts of the same range, left and right, and adjust the sound ratio of both sides, individual octave adjustments, etc. In this mode, players on both sides can freely use the pedals, which is very convenient for teaching and duets.

- Touch key sensing function
YDP-S52 provides four touch-sensitive modes (fixed/strong/medium/weak), the user can adjust the mode according to the environment and the track, this mode can help the player to practice the change of playing strength, the mood of the track, etc.

- 2-track recording built-in memory enables you to record your own performances. You can even record a piece of music in two parts, allowing you and yourself to experience the joy of playing a piano duet.

- Metronome function To practice effectively, a metronome with an accurate tempo is essential. You can also use the metronome function while recording.

- USB to HOST terminal
The USB TO HOST terminal enables you to transfer data between the YDP-S52 and a computer, download Midi songs from the computer, and record with computer software.

- Auto power off function When you do not use the instrument for more than 30 minutes, the power of the instrument will automatically turn off to save energy.

- IAC Smart Sound Control For players who need to practice in a quiet environment, the IAC function automatically adjusts the sound so that you can experience a balanced, rich tone of sound even at low volumes. Headphones can also be used if you need silence.

Headphone Stereo Optimization - Optimized stereo for a new headphone sound experience

Yamaha's unique Stereo Optimizer program adjusts the spatial three-dimensionality of the sound. When you listen through headphones,
The spatial dynamics of the sound are more spacious, and it sounds as if no headphones are on, which enables players to listen to their performances with headphones on for extended periods of time.

**This function was previously only available on CLP 545 and above models

Use the APP to easily control the YDP-S52 with what you see is what you get

Using YAMAHA's free app "Digital Piano Controller" allows you to control various settings of the YDP-S52 with your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Using your tablet or phone screen, you can easily select tones, reverbs and other functions, and even store your favorites settings, and quickly recall the settings when you want to use them.

size and weight

size high Close the keyboard cover 792mm / open the keyboard cover 970mm
width 1,353mm
deep 309mm / open the keyboard cover 315mm / add anti-tipping device 404mm
weight weight 37.8kg

control panel

keyboard number of keys 88

control device

keyboard type Imitation ivory GH gradient keyboard

control panel

keyboard touch sensitivity Strong/Medium/Weak/Fixed
pedal Number of pedals 3
Half-press the effect pedal have
Features Sustain (half pedal function)/Specific Sustain/Soft
control panel language English


keyboard cover keyboard cover style clamshell
Music Stand have


audio sample Audio Sampling Technology Pure CF sound source sampling and RGEII
number of voices Maximum number of simultaneous voices 192
built-in number of timbres 10


type reverberation 4 types
type Intelligent Voice Control (IAC) have


Types Damper Resonance have

Amplifiers and Speakers

Acoustic Optimizer have


Features Duo (Duo) / Voice Overlay (Dual) Dual and Duo modes, you can individually adjust the octave change and the contrast between the two sides


preset Number of built-in songs 50
recording number of songs 1
Number of recording tracks 2
data capacity About 100KB
recording function have
Compatible data formats play SMF (Format 0 & 1)
recording SMF (Format 0)


Demonstration / Help Demonstration function 10
overall control Metronome have
Tempo range 5 - 280
transposition -6 to 0, 0 to +6
tuning have

save and connect

store built-in memory Personal Song: 1 piece of about 100KB / Song downloaded from a computer (up to 10 pieces): Maximum of about 900KB
connect headphone jack x2, built-in headphone stereo function

Amplifiers and Speakers

Amplifier 20W x 2
speaker (12cm x 6cm) x 2

power supply

electricity supply PA-300C or equivalent

Power Supply

Power Consumption 14W (when using PA-300C power adapter)


FD (may not be attached depending on location) The IOS App "digital piano controller" can be downloaded separately from the App Store


Included accessories sheet music "50 Greats for the Piano"


Audio Sampling Technology piano tone CF top performance grand piano
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