YAMAHA YDP-S54 Digital Piano


HK$10,980.00  HK$14,980.00

YDPS54 Digital Piano

The small digital piano is equipped with a GH3 piano and Yamaha CFX flagship performance platform piano sampling.

CFX sampling and ring speakers show richer piano soundtracks

GH3 (Grahed Hammer 3), Usandalwood Black Key, Ivory White Keys

Yentone resonance/chord resonance

Smooth release and off-key sampling

Integrated iOS App "Smart Pianist"

New soft design and multiple color change options

Earphone stereo optimization

1Total 92 Revoices

3 pedals (yantone pedal with half pedal effect, specific accent pedal and softener pedal)

Light home piano, bringing you unparalleled musical feasts.

Whether you play the piano is purely an interest or a better technique, ARIUS allows you to indulge in a stream of music.This digital piano is a carefully crafted instrument that has been perfect for more than a century of Yamaha advanced technology and expertise.


The ARIUS YDP-S54 is ideal for piano lovers and students, and is a lightweight, provincial space instrument that can be perfectly placed in any space.



To play a demo.

Real and expres-force piano music experience


Use with Smart Pianist for unlimited functionality

Modern and fashion design


Real and expres-force piano music experience

The YDP-S54 provides a user platform piano experience with the Yamaha CFX playing platform piano timeless and expres-force progressive harmonica keyboard (GH3).



The highly acclaimed CFX playing platform, the piano, and the strong sound.

Yamaha's flagship 9-inch CFX playing platform piano samples the YDP-S54's latest sound source, providing a crisp and mud-thick bass resonance, and combining the pitch that can be reached as far as the auditorium.The winner of the prestigious International Chopin Piano Competition played the CFX series in 2010 and has since become one of the greatest piano recitals in modern times. 


Real original sound piano playing sex

With the 88-key intelligent clutch and the ivory white key and the Usandalwood black key, the incremental hammer keyboard (GHS) reproduces the touch of the original sound piano and reproduces the light sensation of the lower sound domain and even the high octave scale.The GH3 employs three sensors to accurately perceive and interpret the key mechanism, simulate the reaction and touch keys of the platform piano so that the player can quickly play repeated notes and real expressible controls.

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Designed for fun and fun for your music

You cannot continue to play the piano at high volume, and the YDP-S54 provides a convenient function.The intelligent sound control (IAC) function automatically regulates the timiconic, allowing the performer to play the balance of sound with any volume.


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The headset stereo is optimized for musicians sitting in front of the original sound piano, and can experience the natural, mud-thick timbers, even if wearing headphones is no exception.Using this function, the sound color of the original sound piano is sampled as the musical instrument itself instead of the sound of the earphone, so that the player can enjoy a comfortable and natural experience.


Use the Smart Pianist app for greater utility

Smart Pianist is a dedicated application that adds a magnificent graphical interface and a variety of stunning features to a compatible Yamaha digital piano, making you more enjoyable to play the piano.


From choosing musical instruments to sound or adjust settings and even using a metrona to practice or record your music masterpiece, Smart Piist allows you to make music faster and enjoy exclusive music fun.


The soundtrack to the soundtrack:

Electronic piano sound-hearing:

Other timiconic audion:

Play the favourite piece.


ARIUS can be easily matched with your space

The Yamaha YDP-S54 is small and modern design is subtly integrated with interior design, allowing the interior design of any space to be more mutually beneficial.There are three colors to choose from, you can find the perfect piano for your home, and have endless fun for you.


volume width 1,353 mm [53-1/4 "] 1,353 mm [53-1/4 ']
height 792 mm [31-3/16 "] (key cover opening 976mm [38-27/64"]) 792mm [31-3/16 '] (piano cover opening 968mm [38-27/64'])
depth 309 mm [12-11/64 "] (key cover opening 317 mm [12-15/32 ']) * When connecting the anti-falling bracket: 404 mm [15 -57/64"] 296 mm [11-5/8 '] (key cover opening 309 mm [12-3/16']) * Connect anti-drop bracket: 388 mm [15 -1/4 ']
Weight Weight 40.0 kg (88 lbs., 3 oz.) 35.9 kg (79lbs., 2 oz.)
Keyboard Number of keys 88 88
type GH3 (Grahed Hammer 3), Usandalwood Black Key, Ivory White Keys GHS piano key, fog black key
Touch key sensing Strong/Medium/Weak/Fixed Strong/Medium/Weak/Fixed
foot board Number of pedals 3 3
Half-pedal effect pedal Yes Yes
function Yentone/specific yantone/softness Yentone/specific yantone/softness
faceplate language English English
Keyboard cover Keyboard cover style cover cover
Spectral shelves (depending on location may not be available for purchase) Yes Yes
Sound source sampling Music of the piano Yamaha CFX Yamaha CFX
The Danger Resonance - Yes
vocal number Sound phonation (max) 192 192
built-in Sonic number 10 10
type disabled 4 types 4 types
Intelligent Sound Control (IAC) Yes Yes
Earphone stereo optimization Yes Yes
The Danger Resonance Yes Yes
default Number of Built-in Music 10 demonstrations and 50 classical piano classics 10 pieces of piano, 50 pieces of piano
recording Number of pieces 1 1
Number of recording tracks 2 2
Data Capacity Every 100 KB (11,000 notes) Every 100 KB (11,000 notes)
Compatible data formats broadcast Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0 & 1 Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0 & 1
recording Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0 Standard MIDI File (SMF) Format 0
Miscellaneous Double Play (Duo)/Music Overlap (Dual) Yes Yes
Double play. Yes Yes
A metroner Yes Yes
Speed range 5 – 280 5 – 280
transfer -6 – 0 – +6 -6 – 0 – +6
tone 414.8-440.0-466.8 Hz 414.8-440.0-466.8 Hz
stockpile Built-in memory Maximum total size of approximately 900 KB (User Piece: 100 KB a piece of music, loaded with music data from a computer: up to 10 pieces) Maximum total size of approximately 900 KB (User Piece: 100 KB a piece of music, loaded with music data from a computer: up to 10 pieces)
connection Headphone jack Standard stereo headset hole x 2 Standard stereo headset hole x 2
Expansion machine 20W x 2 8W x 2
trumpet 12Cm x 2 12Cm x 2
Power supply identical products recommended by PA-300C or Yamaha PA-150 or equivalent product recommended by Yamaha
power consumption 13W (use PA-300C AC power supply) 9W (with PA-150B AC power supply)
Automatic shutdown function Yes Yes
Annex Kotochair - -
score sheet 50 classic pieces (musical scores) 50 classic pieces (musical scores)
Other User's Guide, Quick Operations Guide User's Guide, Quick Operations Guide
Done Generation Damper Resonance Yes -



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