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Yamaha YDP-S55 Arius Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP-S55 Arius Digital Piano

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lightweight homedigitalThe piano brings you an unparalleled musical experience

Whether you're playing for hobby or perfecting your technique, ARIUS lets you immerse yourself in flowing music. This digital piano is Yamaha's meticulously crafted instrument, perfected by over a century of Yamaha advanced technology and expertise. Perfect for music lovers and students, the ARIUS YDP-S55 is a lightweight, space-saving instrument that fits perfectly in any space.

  • Yamaha's flagship CFX grand piano is meticulously sampled
  • 10 Voices, 353 Songs
  • New Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite)
  • GH3 weighted keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
  • More comfortable headphone listening
  • Built-in stereo amplifier (20 W x 2)
  • Built-in stereo speaker system (12 cm x 2)
  • Smart Pianist app compatibility - with intuitive operation and score viewing
  • Width: 135.3 cm
  • Height: 97.6 cm
  • Depth: 30.9 cm
  • Weight: 40 kg



The Powerful Sound of the Acclaimed CFX Performance Grand Piano

The YDP-S55's piano sound is sampled from Yamaha's flagship CFX concert grand piano, a renowned piano that delivers sparkling highs and powerful resonant bass combined with an expressive sound.

The YDP-S55 has the same detailed sound, from bass to treble, with clear and colorful overtone content. It gives you extraordinary expressiveness and nuance that responds authentically in your daily practice as well as in your most exciting performances.

True Acoustic Piano Playability and Half Damper Pedal Control

With an 88-key Smart Clutch and white ivory and black ebony keys, the Progressive Hammer Keyboard (GH3) reproduces the feel of an acoustic piano, the heaviness of the lower registers and the lightness of the upper octaves. The GH3 features a three-sensor configuration that accurately senses and interprets the key mechanics, simulating the response and touch of a grand piano, allowing players to quickly play repetitive notes and authentically expressive control. In addition, there is a half-damper function that faithfully reproduces the damping action on a grand piano, providing a rich variety of expressiveness.

One of the charms of a grand piano is the resonance created by the vibrations of the entire instrument. Inheriting the advantages of the CLP Clavinova series of pianos, the YDP-S55 digital piano has carefully reproduced this rich resonance through a breakthrough technology called Analog Resonance System Lite (VRM LITE). VRM produces a rich variety of sounds by simulating the complex harmonics that occur when the vibrations of the strings travel to the soundboard and other strings, corresponding to the timing and intensity of the keys being played and pressed.


Smart Pianist

Get more out of the SMART PIANIST app

Smart Pianist is a dedicated app that adds a gorgeous graphical interface and a variety of amazing features to compatible Yamaha digital pianos to make playing the piano even more enjoyable.

intuitive operation

From choosing instrument sounds or tweaking settings to practicing or recording your musical masterpieces with a metronome, Smart Pianist lets you create music faster and have exclusive musical fun. play your favorite song

Smart Pianist scans the audio tracks loaded in the music library, analyzes the chords, and displays them on the smart device's screen. While playing chords, listen to the track played from the instrument's speaker system. Load MIDI songs into the app, allowing you to play instruments using digital scores.

More comfortable headphone listening

The YDP-S55 uses the latest technology to optimally correct the balance of the sound according to the volume you set - delivering a natural sound that is comfortable to listen to and gentle on the ear, even when playing for extended periods of time.

It also features stereo-optimized effects, allowing you to enjoy the natural, spacious sound you would experience sitting in front of an acoustic grand piano, even with headphones.

Modern and stylish ARIUS easily matches your space

The Yamaha YDP-S55 has a slim piano body that blends neatly with interior design to complement the interior design of any space and easily enhance your living space.

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