Yesaka silver plated 16 hole flute


HK$1,588.00  HK$1,988.00

Yesaka silver-plated 16 hole flute full set

Product name: 16-hole closed-hole flute

Brand: Japan Suzuki [Suzuki]

Material: Cupronickel for flute

Surface treatment: 925 sterling silver plated

Tone: C

Button type: curved

Applicable to the crowd: beginners, professional players, masters play the flute of choice for testers

Free accessories

1: Suzuki Suzuki manual and certificate of conformity

2: A pair of cotton gloves

3: A piece of special flute wipe cloth

4: A box of special flute grease

5: One flute cleaning rod

6: A special screwdriver

7: One special bag for Suzuki flute

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