Yesaka B-flat alto trombone


HK$1,980.00  HK$2,980.00

Yesaka B-flat alto trombone TROMBONE

Tonal: B-flat

Material: Brass

Surface treatment: Lacquered gold

Accessories: wipes, gloves, oil

The product design is novel, exquisite workmanship, comfortable hand feel, accurate intonation; the tone of the whole range is uniform,

The treble is bright, the middle and bass are strong; the dynamic changes are obvious, especially in the weak playing, the weak tone can be sensitively emitted. The playing is smooth and labor-saving; the hand feels comfortable and the key handle is sensitive in movement; the key cover is extremely sealed; and the appearance is fine in craftsmanship.

Level: Beginner, Grade Test, Professional Performance

Supplied accessories:

1: Suzuki manual and product quality certificate

2: A piece of pure cotton cloth

3: A pair of cotton gloves , grade oil

4: One original luggage

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