Yesaka lowers the B tone medium length number


HK$1,980.00  HK$2,980.00

Yesaka lowers the B-tone medium-length number TROMBONE

Tune: Lower B

Material: Brass

Surface treatment: paint gold

Comes with: wipes, gloves, oil

Product design novel, exquisite workmanship, comfortable feel, accurate pitch, the whole range of tone unity,


The treble is bright, medium and bass thick, and the intensity changes significantly, especially when playing weakly and sensitively. Play smooth, labor-saving, comfortable feel, the key handle movement sensitive, the key cover seal is excellent, the appearance of fine technology.


Level: beginner, examination level, professional performance


Supplied accessories:

1: Suzuki instructions and product quality certificate


2: Cotton swab


3: A pair of cotton gloves, No


4: One of the original bags

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