Yesaka Lowers B-Flat Trumpet


HK$1,488.00  HK$1,988.00

Brand: Yesaka Baha-style B-flat trumpet

Tonality: Lower B tone

Material: brass

Finish: lacquer gold

accessories: cloth, gloves, oil

The product design is novel, the workmanship is exquisite, the feel is comfortable, the pitch is accurate; The entire range of timbres is uniform.


The treble is bright, the middle and the bass are thick; The intensity varies markedly, especially in weak plays where weak sounds can be made sensitively. Play unblocked, labor-saving; Comfortably in touch, with sensitive keystroke movement; Key cover seals are excellent; Appearance craftsmanship is fine.


Level: Beginner, Examiner, Professional Performance



1: Specification and Product Quality Certificate


2: A piece of cotton wipe


3: A pair of cotton gloves, number oil


4: Original Bag One

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