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Ena Acoustic

ENA soundproof cabin (mobile soundproof room) Hong Kong family room

ENA soundproof cabin (mobile soundproof room) Hong Kong family room

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Sound insulation - specially designed for the noise problem in Hong Kong

Including home delivery + installation + fresh air system

Sound insulation 35dB, enough fresh wind, wind noise <30 dB

  • There are three problems in the soundproof cabin on the market
  • Using a small exhaust fan, the carbon dioxide content in the room seriously exceeds the standard
  • Using a large exhaust fan, the air intakeLarge mouth, sound insulation less than 20 dB
  • use force Exhaust fan, wind noise and motor noise are very loud

technical indicators

Co2 content < 1000 ppm (EPA standard)

The number of air changes > 15 times (isolation ward of the Department of Healthstandard)

Wind noise < 30 dB (British Standard BS:8233:1999 sleep standard)

Sound insulation = STC-35 (ASTM E413-04 standard)

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1. Low frequency noise from running upstairs

2. The sound of pulling a chair upstairs

3. All sound transmitted through the building structure

4. Drumming produces over 120 decibels of lowaudio

Mong Kok Main Store, Welcome to the field test

The ENA soundproof cabin can stand the test, and its performance can be tested in the Mong Kok store.

The Mongkok main store is located in the most central area, above the exit of the bank center of the subway station.

10% price, same effect

Installation takes only one day

Environmental protection - can be assembled and disassembled for unlimited moving

Ventilation - Designed for Hong Kong Buildings

Passed the Buildings Department ventilation standard

The ventilation system of the room in the room is designed according to the latest laws and regulations in Hong Kong in 2023.

Intake and exhaust volume is 180CMH, per hourThe per capita fresh air volume is 20.55 cubic meters, ventilation volume 21 times per hour,

Meet the following standards:

1. Residential: Buildings DepartmentBuildings Ordinance (Chapter 123) CEPAS Minimum 5 per hour

2. Restaurants: Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap. 132) 13 cubic meters of fresh air supply per person per hour

3. Hospital: Requirements for respiratory infection isolation ward: 6 air changes per hour


Transportation - Designed for Hong Kong elevator dimensions

90% of housing estates can be transported upstairs

ENA's room-in-a-room is a modular design, and each accessory has been carefully measured to ensure that it can enter the elevators of most housing estates.

Suitable for most scenes, the size can be customized

Model A

Commonly used in saxophone practice room, violin room, personal study space, singing practice room and so on.

Model B

Designed for upright standard pianos. It can also be used for two-person meetings, personal studios, etc.

Model C

Designed for standard single beds. It can also be used for two-person meetings, personal studios, etc.

Model D

Specifically designed for queen size beds. It can also be used for four-person meeting, jazz drum soundproof room and so on.

Custom custom size

Can be tailored according to the scene.

Design - 48 ceiling or wall colors

Unleash the possibilities


  • Product size error is 1~2 cm
  • Price includes delivery and installation
  • Once a room within a room is purchased, there is no return or exchange



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