[Soundproofing Materials] ENA acoustic products

Acoustic Panel

High density, with sound absorption and sound insulation functions.

Soundproof Blanket

Used in the bottom layer, used in conjunction with sound insulation cotton.

soundproof carpet

A 0.7 cm shock-absorbing and sound-insulating layer was added to the bottom layer of the carpet.

soundproof curtains

Used for doors and windows, effectively blocking 17dB of noise.

shock absorber

Used for the bottom layer of the floor to make shock-absorbing suspended floors.

Soundproof cabin series

The only way to block out the noise from upstairs.

Sound-absorbing wall covering

Make the wall more three-dimensional and beautiful, and the sound stronger.

Soundproof door series

4 different levels to meet different preparation needs.

Wooden sliver series

Beautiful, effective sound-absorbing, fire-proof and mildew-proof.